Creative Blocks

I have been having a sort of creative block for the past several weeks. I went from carrying my ipad and sketching everyday on my commute, to leaving it at home, uncharged for weeks at a time. My schedule has been all over the place. Earlier shifts at work mean catching a train during rush hour, which means no seat for the hour long commute on the way to and back from work. I am not skilled enough to sketch standing up, let alone while maintaining balance, sandwiched between several other commuters. 

Not being able to utilize time I previously devoted to sketching was a problem, but honestly I don't know if I had anything to sketch even if I could on the train. On rare days that I did get a seat, I used the train time to listen to spotify, play Two Dots on my phone, read, or (despite my best efforts) to sleep. 

This weekend I got the urge to draw again because one of my previous model muses, Gabifresh posted this amazing look from PlyApparel.  I don't know if I'm 100% out of my creative slump, but I'm happy with this illustration.