FiftyThree Takeover: Bey All The Way!

FiftyThree saw my Hot Sauce Lettering piece inspired by Beyonce's new song "Formation" and asked me if I'd like to take over their Instagram feed again with more Bey-inspired lettering. I've never said YES to anything so fast in my life. I had a blast creating these pieces and I'm pretty sure I listened to so much Beyonce over the course of a weekend that my ego grew three sizes. Cause I slay. 

From a Window Seat

I took a bit of a break from drawing and designing recently. It wasn't intentional. The holidays came and went, my boyfriend and I were on the hunt for a new (bigger) apartment, and my mother became very ill. All of these things made me stressed and creatively blocked. I didn't feel like drawing much of anything. 

Then, after a long first year in New York without a trip home, I was on my second flight to see my parents in a month, and found inspiration in a sassy little cartoon of a woman who was my flight attendant on a GSP-JFK flight. Here's to you, lady. 

From a Window Seat

I've recently seemed to find my groove again, and I'm back to drawing daily. Should have some new things to share very soon!