FiftyThree Takeover: Bey All The Way!

FiftyThree saw my Hot Sauce Lettering piece inspired by Beyonce's new song "Formation" and asked me if I'd like to take over their Instagram feed again with more Bey-inspired lettering. I've never said YES to anything so fast in my life. I had a blast creating these pieces and I'm pretty sure I listened to so much Beyonce over the course of a weekend that my ego grew three sizes. Cause I slay. 

FiftyThree Takeover!

FiftyThree, the creators of the app Paper and Pencil, the awesome iPad stylus pictured below, asked me to take over their instagram account for a weekend to share how I use their products to #createanywhere. This was such a huge honor for me because I literally use Paper and Pencil everyday. It's such a huge part of my creative process. You can see more of the pieces I shared on their feed below. 

#53takeover by @thepapergnome -- I lettered a line from one of my favorite poems by e. e. cummings last week.

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